Exhibition overview:

Exhibition at Zhang’s studio, Song Zhuang, group, 2013
Exhibition at Galerie Clement, Amsterdam, group, 2010
Exhibition at Lucas Schelkens, Amsterdam, duo, 2010
Exhibition at CHIC Art dessin Paris with Galerie d’Ys, group, 2010
Exhibition at the ‘Young Dutch masters @auction’ Amsterdam, group, 2009
Exhibition at the Art Amsterdam with the TH Gallery, group, 2008
Exhibition at the TH Gallery, duo, 2008
Exhibition at the TH Gallery, group, 2007
Exhibition at the Theaterplan theatre in Eindhoven alongside their production ‘Mistero buffo’ Solo, 2007
Exhibition at the Art fair Cologne with gallery Goncourt, group, 2005
Live painting of a mural and a simultaneous exhibition at the Riff Raff Urban Arts event, group, 2005
Exhibition at gallery Goncourt, group, 2005
Exhibition at gallery Goncourt, group, 2004
Exhibition at the Appel theatre ‘Tantalus’ Solo, 2004

Gallery Goncourt moved to Amsterdam and is now Gabriel Rolt

Gallery d'YS is still going strong in Brussels

Regretfully, Gallery Clement in Amsterdam and the TH gallery in the Hague have had to close their doors, for various reasons.

Lucas Schelkens went back to his great love, Los Angeles, where he founded Joannes Lucas, a design and art studio.

Commisioned works include:

Several murals, all private commissions.
Design for snowboards and t-shirts for Australian based snowboard manufacturer Valhalla Snowboards.
Snowboard and T-shirt design for wepowder.nl
Illustrations for the dutch magazine ‘lover’, for the swiss embassy in London,  Theatre ‘De Appel’ in The Hague, Wepowder magazine, and several personal projects including a poetry book and illustrations for websites.

Artist's CV:

1982 – 1989 Gymnasium Camphusianum in the small town of Gorinchem.
1989 – 1993 Academy of art in Arnhem, now Artez, autonomous and graphical arts.
Published three comics in the comics magazine Striptuur
1993 – 1995 Academy of art in Tilburg, animation, cartooning and autonomous arts
Participated in the collective project “Kleur bekennen” an art animation film produced by
The Anne Frank foundation
Received second prize for the script and storyboard for a call for artists at the first Utrecht animation festival                              1995 – 1999 Freelance storyboard and cartoon artist. Did several storyboards for advertising agencies and a feature film. ("de tasjesdief" amongst others)
1999 – 2002 Assistant manager at Snowplanet, a fulltime job at an indoor skiing resort near Amsterdam.
This job encompassed hiring and training employees, solving operational problems as they arose, taking care of the financial administration of the bar and banquet halls, developing sales strategies together with and under supervision of the manager of Snowplanet.
Left art behind for a while.

2003 – today Autonomous artist, accredited as such by the The Hague arts council Stroom.

2011 - 2015 lived and worked in Beijing, China.

Currently living and working in Bern, Switzerland.