My work in Milan "The colour of thought"

The exhibition “the Colour of thought” that my work was part of in New York, travels to Italy, and will be shown at Mymicrogallery in Milan from the 15th to the 30th of October.

colour of thought milan.jpg

Sneak peak..

Sneak peak..

The opening will be Tuesday, 15th of October, form 18;00 hours onward!

From the press release:

Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

 Participating artists: Marije Bijl, Rosaspina Buscarino, Patrick Dennis, Gaia di Blasio Akshita Gandhi, Carine Hayoz, Susi Lamarca, Claire Pinci Marion Schmidtke, Susi Zucchi

 MyMicroGallery is pleased to present “The Colour of Thought/Il Colore del Pensiero  a travelling group exhibition featuring works by ten artists hailing from countries across the world including France, Germany, India, Italy,  United States, Switzerland .  They are from diverse backgrounds and have experience in varying mediums including painting and photography. 

 The exhibition has been successfully presented in New York at Onishi Project Gallery in June 2019 and now in Milan has been extended to other artists who shared the show’s concept.

 Organized and curated by Stefania Carrozzini, gallerist, artist and independent curator based in Milan, this show’s concept offers the opportunity to reflect on the theme of Emotional Intelligence related to creative process, intuition and inspiration. The artworks chosen have different vibration of and come from different impulses and methods welcoming an open-ended process of feeling art with all our senses.

Emotional intelligence unites the heart and the mind, these two great enigmas; it blends passions and reason, and it is the only type of intelligence, which is able to make humanity evolve. Emotional intelligence is strictly tied to creative thought and art is always fruit of thought and emotion. Art helps us to understand our emotions and so it is fundamental in order to preserve a sane society.

Artists have always used all the possible tools, which enable free expression of emotions and thoughts reflecting, with a greater or lesser degree of awareness, the changes in society. Beyond the scientific value, which the title of this exhibition might well suggest, it is important to underline the impact emotions have on our daily life. Artists know how to lend a voice to a disparate range of emotions channelling them into sounds, colours and movement.

catalogue will be available at the gallery

The opening at the Onishi Project gallery, new York

Yesterday, a whole lot of the galleries of New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood held their opening nights, resultung in a stready stream of art lovers, artists, art world shapers and curious tourists to roam the galleries of Chelsea, in search for a good image and a few glasses of wine or bubbly to go with it.

I attended the opening of the group exhibit “the colour of thought” in the Onishi gallery, curated by Stefania Carrozzini.

I am a shy person. I love seeing people walk up to my work and really look at it. In order to talk to them, I need to take a breath. I met many genuinely interested people and a few glasses of bubbly surely helped!

I stayed two more days in new York, way too little of course, I completely overdosed on art and vowed to be back soon. I do hope my works will have captured the interest of many a gallery visitor.

The exhibit is on till Saturday 15th of June. After that, the work goes on to Milan!

My work at the Enriched Bread Artists open doors exhibit

Some pictures from this past weekend’s open doors exhibit at the Enriched Bread Artists building in Ottawa:

Those nine drawings are mine: 7 Monkey Kings and two things that nobody remembers…

On Saturday, more than a hundred people had already wandered through the building before Lunch. Despite the grey weather, Ottawans of all ilk came out to take a peek at the inside of many otherwise closed off buildings!

Har har… the organisation knows their artists!

Find them here on the internet: Enriched Bread Artists Website. They can also be found on FB.

My work at the Onishi Project space in New York this coming June

I am proud to announce that my work will travel to New York again this year, to be featured in the show “The colour of thought” curated by Stefania Carrozzini at the Onishi Project gallery in New York.

The opening is Thursday the 6th of June from 6 pm to 8 pm, and I would be delighted to raise the glass with you!

Machiavelli. We are all Machiavellian, some of us just more so than others…

Machiavelli. We are all Machiavellian, some of us just more so than others…

See you in the big apple!

Screenshot 2019-04-29 at 10.53.11.png

Pictures of the vernissage in Le Noirmont

The vernissage of the Cantonale Berne-Jura 2018 was today, in the old church of le Noirmont, that is the exhibition space of contemporary art organisation La Nef. It is a beautiful space.

There were plenty people, a little over a hundred during the whole vernissage, it was whispered. The atmosphere was what Dutch would call “gezellig” a mix of art lovers of all ages and their kids running through it all as the rain lashed the windows of the old church.

The vernissage took about two hours, after which the wine was gone and therefore the people also headed back home through the storm. It looks like the Jura will see some snow tonight!


Cantonale Berne-Jura to exhibit my work

After a long holiday I came home to the letter of the “Cantonale” announcing that one of my works has been selected to be shown in this years’ Cantonale Exhibition.

Born out of the traditional end of year exhibit, the Cantonale has grown into an organisation of nine exhibition spaces and organisations within the two cantons -say, provinces, but Swiss style- of Bern and Jura that strives to present a yearly overview of the modern art scene of these cantons.

Artists that live and work in these cantons are invited to submit their work, and from these submissions, works are chosen by the exhibition centres themselves. Turns out, the beautiful old church “La Nef” in Le Noirmont, Jura, has chosen to exhibit my work!

The exhibition will run from the 9th of december till the 20th of january. The vernissage will be on sunday the 9th, and of course I will be there!

I have a feeling my work will do well on the walls of that old church.



La Nef l’art contemporain:

Cantonale Berne Jura:

A midsummernight's vernissage

Last weekend, my exhibit opened in galerie le Caveau in beautiful Saint Ursanne. The gallery is a medieval cellar, half above ground, with thick walls and small windows -a godsent, with the heat of the past days- and my work 'works' quite well in these rooms, I find. I am pleased with how it all turned out. For as much as I can be pleased with my own work. Friends and family convened for the opening, bubbly was bubbling, words were spoken, art was watched. And yes, I love to see people watching my art intently. It nearly makes me shy. Nearly. 

The exhibit is still open till the 12th of august -and there will be a finissage then- from thursday till sunday from 14;00 hours till 18:00 hours. So you can go to Saint Ursanne to see the cloister, the church, the medieaval town, my art, then take a dip in the river Doubs to cool off, and in the evening maybe still go see a performance from the "Piano à St Ursanne" event, which has many an interesting piece scheduled here. 

 For more information on the piano festival:



I quote:

"The series themselves, the Europeans, the Hannah Arendts, the Monkey Kings, are, besides inspired on the intentions as stated above, also long term experiments all of their own. The stories of (hu)man, the idea of -European, western, white- identity are a strong starting point for these series, but after I have started the work, they become inspirations of themselves, a guide to how to abstract a basically realistic portrait, how to bring out of the same face multiple things that all ring true for that story, that idea, the person this face is said to have been. I will never go truly abstract, as that cannot hold my interest for long, but I want to break the shackels of realism, bring the work beyond that. After a while, it is the forms and colours that dictate how I will develop the work, not the ideas about story and identity, European-ness and humanness, or how these tie into, or are mirrored by, stories of chineseness or otherness. ( I do not think Machiavelli’s thoughts on power would have been strange in the Chinese context of any era. Or anywhere else on the world, for that matter. His words on the uses of power over a society are for me a token of how humans are similar all over the globe, and throughout time. I only think that the current communist party of China might have had Machiavelli bow his head in respect. Or at least, he would in the vision that I have of him, which is a vision coloured by the European story that has been woven around the person of Machiavelli and his conscious or unconscious followers - like Catherina de Medici, for instance)

In my latest finished work, Machiavelli comes together with Catharina de Medici, stars of European power at the cusp of enlightenment, this era that is thought of as being so very singularely and definitively European, wielding a greek helmet amidst the confusion that the adagium ‘There is no alternative’  illicits. Is this Europe? Is there no alternative? Is it European to think there is but one way? Is this enlightenment? Is this how you handle heretics of doctrine? Is this our story? Is this power? Is this what we want to be? Is this fleeting? "



On to New York!

So, part of the artist's practice is crating that stuff and sending it overseas, filling in customs forms (Yes, I am the maker of this work, no I worked alone it is mine only, yes I want to export, re-import and be excempt from vat taxes thank you, I will sign here and here and here and here and here and all that in three copies......)


But they are on their way now, in three layers of bubble wrap and snugly sandwiched in between styrofoam. The opening will be the 14th of June in the Onishi Project gallery!


February in Milan, june in New York.

I am very happy to announce that three Hannah Arendts will grace a group show in Milan, in the MyMicrogallery from 8th of february till the 21st of february. The opening will be on the 8th, from 18:30 till 21:00

I hope to be there as well, so if any of you just happens to pass by Milan, there will be Italian wine a-waiting.

This one will surely be there.

This one will surely be there.

And then to make it all sweeter, three paintings of mine, two Catharina's and one Machiavelli, will travel to New York to show themselves in the Onishi Project gallery in Chelsea, at the Summer Group show II that will run from the 14th of June till the 27th of June. I like June. June is a good month. Pass on the word!

Summer exhibit of my works in Saint Ursanne, Switserland

Exciting news!

In the coming summer of 2018 the galerie "le Caveau" situated in the beautiful old town of Saint Ursanne will host a solo show of my work.

The old bridge of St Ursanne, built 1728, that leads to the mainly 14th century town. To reach the gallery, cross the bridge, take the first left after the gate, and you will find the medieaval cellar that is the gallery in a small courtyard just behind the town hall. (Image taken from

The old bridge of St Ursanne, built 1728, that leads to the mainly 14th century town. To reach the gallery, cross the bridge, take the first left after the gate, and you will find the medieaval cellar that is the gallery in a small courtyard just behind the town hall. (Image taken from

The opening night will be on saturday the 21st of july, and the exhibition will run until the finissage on saturday the 12th of august.

Saint Ursanne is a beautiful little medieval town in the Jura, close to the Swiss-French border. The galerie is part of the communal cultural organisation "Ursinia" that is promoting the cultural life of the region, offering several exhibition sites as well as an artist in residence program in the valley of the Doubs, the river Saint Ursanne is located on.

Entry and courtyard of the galerie. Images taken from their website.

Entry and courtyard of the galerie. Images taken from their website.

Legend has it that the name of the town goes back to the irish monk that lived a hermit life here in the 6th century in a cave -that can still be visited- together with a bear. He is said to be the patron saint of people with a stiff neck. (Them caves are drafty!) Later, in the 11th century, a church and monastery were built, which are still there - and also available for exhibits.


I am proud that the members of the board of Ursinia decided to include my work in their programme for 2018 and hope to see you on either the vernissage or finissage of the event, to raise a glass with me and see the works up close and for real.

I am looking very much forward to it!

More exhibits for my work in the coming year are being discussed right now, and hopefully they'll come through as well. I will keep you updated!

See you in the summer!


The Monkey King arrives at the ball. Indeed, he will be there too.

The Monkey King arrives at the ball. Indeed, he will be there too.