Offene Ateliers Stadtfest Bern

Today and yesterday the building I have my studio in, Das Alte Loeblager ("The old Loeb stockbuilding") held open days, as part of the cityfeast of Bern Bumpliz, a suburb of Bern that apparently already exists as a town for a thousand years and only recently was added to the city of Bern.

There were many people visiting, we did a small exhibit in the shared exhibition space where three of my works were featured, I shared my businesscards and got some good tips from people about the Art world of Bern. Colleagues served fresh mint tea and snacks and I got to know some more neighbours from upstairs, and to sample some of the singing talent that the sound studio on the fourth floor is curating.

The local newspaper "The Bund" came by to take pictures of the various ateliers and have a little chat, and I was very glad to be featured in their online reports about the many activities during the Stadtfest. (You will have to scroll down to find the tidbit about me)

My utmost thanks to all visitors for showing interest in my work. -it is always a joy to see people looking intently to my work- and hopefully till soon at an exhibition elsewhere.


Slowly, bit by bit...

I like to put things on the floor, and walk around amongst the various works in various stages of progress. I rarely concentrate on one single work for the whole day, I go back and forth between them.

The tea is two years old white tea, in China sometimes also used as medicine. When I want a long purposeful break without succumbing to the urge of playing around with smartphone or Ipad, I make tea the slow, Chinese way.

My atelier in Bern

What a difference!

To be able to speak the language, to move through society unaided, to look and ask for things easily, makes all the difference. It took me two years to get a studio in China, in Bern, one of the groomed, polished, neatly organised cantons of the Swiss federation, (there is not a thing here that is not groomed, polished or organised) it took me a total of three weeks. Long live the internet and the simple roman script!

My new studio is in "Das Alte Loeblager" once a storage building for one of the more fancy warehouses of Switzerland, now a creative and entrepreneurial 'breeding ground' for artists, designers, musicians, small businesses, you name it. It is a dusty, slightly unorganised place, which pleases me - there is only so much polishing, grooming and organisation I can deal with, after China - that smells of the academy and a student house's kitchen combined. It has light, it has true heating, it has internet, it is a on a 15 minute bikeride through everyday fresh air from my house. What else could I ask for?

Well, for the intercontinental movers to take less long for bringing our stuff from halfway over the world... but that would be pushing it, I realise.

(EDIT: halfway september 2015 all my stuff arrived, and I could start for real in this new space which suits me very well indeed)