Same building, new studio

Colleagues on the other side of the corridor decided to move to a new run-down-used-temporarely-for-youg-hip-artists building in Bern and I was quick to ask for their space: It comes with a real door, has more light, more windows, nobody needs to wander through it to get to their space, I can dance, sing, fart and talk to myself all I want without pissing off anybody and it is a good 115 francs cheaper per month then the old one. A tad smaller too, for sure, but big enough for me on my lonesome. I like to be on my lonesome.

yeah, the wall is not exactly straight, that cupboard is not exactly waterlevel (it is stable, not to worry) And even the floor is sloping off a little towards the far right corner. Just like the world. It'll make do.