Despite the name of the site, they are not related to "the Saatchi" in London. Or so they say.

They are one of the biggest online art shops out there though, and offer all in service for payment, administration of that payment (which, let's admit, between different countries and tax systems can be a huge pain - in multiple ways) and shipping of the art overseas. So I got onboard.

My work can be found on here.

Prices on the site include the 20% commission they charge (most galleries charge 50% Which, by the way, I do not object to, but that is another story, for another blogpost) plus packaging and shipping. The amount of money that I get from it is the same as what I would charge right here in the studio. For the extra cost, they take over a lot of hassle from both you and me. So if you are overseas, and enamoured with my work, the saatchiart site might be a good option for buying my work.

If you are within the EU however, I think we can then handle it ourselves. Then please shoot me an email through the form available on the 'contact' page. Or pass by in the studio!