Cantonale Berne-Jura to exhibit my work

After a long holiday I came home to the letter of the “Cantonale” announcing that one of my works has been selected to be shown in this years’ Cantonale Exhibition.

Born out of the traditional end of year exhibit, the Cantonale has grown into an organisation of nine exhibition spaces and organisations within the two cantons -say, provinces, but Swiss style- of Bern and Jura that strives to present a yearly overview of the modern art scene of these cantons.

Artists that live and work in these cantons are invited to submit their work, and from these submissions, works are chosen by the exhibition centres themselves. Turns out, the beautiful old church “La Nef” in Le Noirmont, Jura, has chosen to exhibit my work!

The exhibition will run from the 9th of december till the 20th of january. The vernissage will be on sunday the 9th, and of course I will be there!

I have a feeling my work will do well on the walls of that old church.



La Nef l’art contemporain:

Cantonale Berne Jura: