Thoughts and words on my work, and because of my work.

...not by me. By the editor of a The Hague artblog. I have lived in that city for 11 years. It is one of those cities that you think you will never like, and then as time progresses, you come to love. And you'll never be able to really define in words, why. Other cities are bigger, cooler, more modern or more old or more photogenetic, but.... this something. Beijing has that too. An unlovable city unless you keep at it, and then suddenly, she wont let go of you.

But enough about cities. This here is about art, published on Villarepubblica on the 11th of april. All in Dutch, and it is a long story, an ode to thinking and smoke and Hannah Arendt, to whom the drawing the author is talking about, and looking at, is dedicated. So here is to thinking. With and without smoke and mirrors.

Tussen einde en begin #23: Marije Bijl


Hannah Arendt smokes another one, XIII.

Hannah Arendt smokes another one, XIII.


Despite the name of the site, they are not related to "the Saatchi" in London. Or so they say.

They are one of the biggest online art shops out there though, and offer all in service for payment, administration of that payment (which, let's admit, between different countries and tax systems can be a huge pain - in multiple ways) and shipping of the art overseas. So I got onboard.

My work can be found on here.

Prices on the site include the 20% commission they charge (most galleries charge 50% Which, by the way, I do not object to, but that is another story, for another blogpost) plus packaging and shipping. The amount of money that I get from it is the same as what I would charge right here in the studio. For the extra cost, they take over a lot of hassle from both you and me. So if you are overseas, and enamoured with my work, the saatchiart site might be a good option for buying my work.

If you are within the EU however, I think we can then handle it ourselves. Then please shoot me an email through the form available on the 'contact' page. Or pass by in the studio!


The wide, wide internet..

Where one can scroll around and then meet oneself, of eight years ago. Where one can be researching one's own work and then tumble upon an art blog -one that is still active now- that did a feature on you. I didn't know about it. Until now.

No words, just pictures, of old works that were on my site back then. They are quite different from my recent works, less overtly political, though still centered on our human stories, our invented identities.

The blog is called :Drtenge and my works are to be seen on this page.


One of the first "dangling martyrs" series. One of the most powerful (and disruptive, as recent times have shown) identities any disciple can invent for oneself.

One of the first "dangling martyrs" series. One of the most powerful (and disruptive, as recent times have shown) identities any disciple can invent for oneself.

An update to the site

Six new works were added to the site: You will find three more Catherina's in the 'Europeans" series and three monkeys, proud and colourful, staring at you from your computer screen. You will also find that the Monkey King has completely changed tack, atmosphere and style. He just sprung that on me without warning, and beyond my control. That is so like a true Monkey King, shapeshifter that he is. Go check them out and tell me what you think!

(This here is a Catherina, with a Christmass bell...)

Same building, new studio

Colleagues on the other side of the corridor decided to move to a new run-down-used-temporarely-for-youg-hip-artists building in Bern and I was quick to ask for their space: It comes with a real door, has more light, more windows, nobody needs to wander through it to get to their space, I can dance, sing, fart and talk to myself all I want without pissing off anybody and it is a good 115 francs cheaper per month then the old one. A tad smaller too, for sure, but big enough for me on my lonesome. I like to be on my lonesome.

yeah, the wall is not exactly straight, that cupboard is not exactly waterlevel (it is stable, not to worry) And even the floor is sloping off a little towards the far right corner. Just like the world. It'll make do.

A site update!

Dear readers, lookers, peekers: As some of you might already have noticed, I uploaded some new works to this site. There are new Monkey Kings, new Hannah Arendts, new drawings nobody will remember and one new Machiavelli in China to oogle at. Tell me what you think!

Offene Ateliers Stadtfest Bern

Today and yesterday the building I have my studio in, Das Alte Loeblager ("The old Loeb stockbuilding") held open days, as part of the cityfeast of Bern Bumpliz, a suburb of Bern that apparently already exists as a town for a thousand years and only recently was added to the city of Bern.

There were many people visiting, we did a small exhibit in the shared exhibition space where three of my works were featured, I shared my businesscards and got some good tips from people about the Art world of Bern. Colleagues served fresh mint tea and snacks and I got to know some more neighbours from upstairs, and to sample some of the singing talent that the sound studio on the fourth floor is curating.

The local newspaper "The Bund" came by to take pictures of the various ateliers and have a little chat, and I was very glad to be featured in their online reports about the many activities during the Stadtfest. (You will have to scroll down to find the tidbit about me)

My utmost thanks to all visitors for showing interest in my work. -it is always a joy to see people looking intently to my work- and hopefully till soon at an exhibition elsewhere.


Slowly, bit by bit...

I like to put things on the floor, and walk around amongst the various works in various stages of progress. I rarely concentrate on one single work for the whole day, I go back and forth between them.

The tea is two years old white tea, in China sometimes also used as medicine. When I want a long purposeful break without succumbing to the urge of playing around with smartphone or Ipad, I make tea the slow, Chinese way.